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  • Mentoring is hard and other key learnings from #AcornHack

    I spent a weekend mentoring a group of teenagers who were experiencing their first hackathon. It's safe to say it was a steep learning curve for all of us! Here I am sharing some of the key learnings I took away from the experience.

  • Getting Started with Jekyll

    I switched from Wordpress to Jekyll. It wasn't the easiest or most straightforward thing to do, but it was worth it and I've written up a guide for other Jekyll newbies!

  • Learning from My First Hackathon¬†

    Going to your first hackathon is a bit nerve-wracking. It was for me at least. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. It was an awesome experience, one I hope to repeat soon, but next time I want to be able to use what I learnt to help me get the most out of the next opportunity that comes my way.

  • How to develop an Atom Package

    So you want to build an Atom package. Some aspects of Atom make this an absolute joy, but some resources on the internet are seriously lacking, and this is my attempt to summarise all of the things I found out and learnt about building an Atom package.

  • The Omniscient User

    How do you create an admin user in Rails? How much power should an admin really have? This week at Makers Academy, we're introduced to Rails.
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