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  • No Need to Fear (Dependency) Injections

    Dependency injection really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Last week, a massive influx of new terminology and being introduced to new concepts, without having much time to digest them, sent my brain into panic mode. New concepts and phrases kept getting thrown around, ‘dependency injection’ being one of them, and somewhere along the way I got a bit lost in the crossfire. But that was last week, and now it’s time to explain what it is, why you do it and show you how it’s done.

  • A Whirldwind Start to Bootcamp Part 2

    My first week at Makers has surprised me in so many ways. We were introduced to pair programming and TDD in our final week of the precourse, but I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to work with a new person every day and our project has been a lot more complex and longer than anything we came across in the precourse. Every day we have a ‘stand up’ where as a group we think about the previous day and consider what went well, what we struggled with and what our focus is for the upcoming day. For me, there have been a few recurring themes which I’m going to highlight, in the hope that it will help me create targets for this week.

  • A Whirlwind Start to Bootcamp Part 1

    I think these last three days have been my most productive in a long while, and I think that’s largely down to pair programming. I can’t quite believe it’s only Wednesday, when I feel like I’ve managed to learn so much.

    On Monday, we officially started our bootcamp and I finally met the rest of my cohort. We shared mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension as we had no idea what to expect from our first day. Day one actually ended up being pretty easy going. It was largely a day to get introduced to the cohort and staff, what to expect and how to get the most out of our time and then a teeny bit of coding at the end. Followed by pizza. Obviously.

  • PreCourse Week 4: Pre-pair-ing for Bootcamp

    1.. 2.. FIZZ! 

    Ring any bells? What if I continue? 4.. BUZZ! That innocent Fizzbuzz game teachers made you play in primary school to learn your times tables that you corrupted by turning into a drinking game at uni? Oh yeahhh… That. That was our task this week. Our aim was to create a FizzBuzz program, a pretty straightforward task by our standards now, except we were to use it as an opportunity to pair program and to start incorporating TDD into our coding habits.

  • PreCourse Week 3: Building a Student Directory

    Thankfully, the July cohort were right when they reassured us that Chris Pine week (aka PreCourse Week 2) would be the most difficult, and once over that hurdle, it would be an easier ride for the remainder.

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