As a developer at Movebubble, I’ve worked across the full stack delivering features in both apps, one built in React Native and the other in React using Cordova and the C# back end.


Shortly after joining Movebubble, we started the Chat project, to allow our two apps to communicate directly with each other without users having to leave the Movebubble ecosystem. I implemented the feature in the Renter app, building the interface from scratch. In cases where 2 way chat occurred, the booked viewings success rate was 4 times that of cases where chat was unavailable.

In the second iteration of the feature, we added clearer system messages and action buttons from chat. This allowed us to implement Suggest a Property in our Partners app (see below) and renters can now request viewings from suggested properties.

Movebubble Chat
Chat in the Renter App

Suggest a Property

Introducing chat to the Movebubble apps opened the doors for further features, such as Suggest a Property’. Partners have used it successfully to build rapport with renters and let alternative properties which suit the renter better.

Suggest a Property
Suggest a Property in the Partners App

Making an Offer

Once you’ve found the property you want to rent, the next big hurdle is securing that property. The Movebubble Renter app covers the entire journey from searching for a home to having an offer accepted. We redesigned our offers flow to be on a single page and to be easier and clearer to navigate.

Partners App Redesign

Following on from a GV Design Sprint, we’re currently working on a redesign of the Movebubble Partners app.